Product Assembly Disclaimer

Product Assembly Disclaimer:

At Ride Electric, we take pride in providing high-quality products to our valued customers. Our FATFISH is designed with precision and care to ensure optimal performance and safety. We would like to draw your attention to the following important disclaimer regarding the assembly of our product:


Assembly by Qualified Mechanic: The assembly of FATFISH should only be undertaken by a qualified and experienced mechanic. It is crucial to follow the assembly instructions provided in the product manual meticulously. Assembling the product incorrectly may lead to malfunctions, potential safety hazards, and could void the warranty.


Why a Qualified Mechanic? A qualified mechanic possesses the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to handle the intricacies of assembling our product. This ensures that all components are properly installed, tightened, and calibrated to meet our stringent quality standards.


Warranty Considerations: Please note that any damage or issues arising from improper assembly by an unqualified individual may not be covered under our product warranty. To safeguard your investment and ensure the longevity of the product, we strongly recommend entrusting the assembly process to a certified professional.


Customer Support: If you encounter any challenges or have questions during the assembly process, our customer support team is readily available to provide assistance. Feel free to contact us at or call us directly on (07) 5522 1847 for prompt and helpful guidance.


Liability Disclaimer: Ride Electric shall not be held liable for any personal injury, property damage, or other losses resulting from the improper assembly, installation, or use of our product by an unqualified individual.


We appreciate your commitment to safety and product integrity. By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to a positive and secure experience with our FATFISH.


Thank you for choosing Ride Electric⚡